PROVEN & Field-Tested
in over 415
Dental Practices

Up to 79% new patient telephone conversions

39% Average decrease in appointment cancellations...

68% Average decrease in fails to appear...
YES, these are REAL numbers and REAL results, field-tested in over 415 different dental practices… in both big cities and rural areas, in wealthy communities and in economically challenged areas. 

This has PROVEN to be the easiest and most reliable way of increasing your net-profit and take-home cash-flow. And, you’ll accomplish all this without having to spend one thin dime extra on marketing, or on anything else!
This New Dental Master Class Dramatically improves Dental Practice net income and take-home cash-flow, even for average dental practices & practices located in smaller towns or rural areas.

Let me explain…

Dear Friend, 

I’m Jayne Bandy and today I’m here to give you the opportunity to get involved with something amazing. It's called the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class, and it is 100% guaranteed to increase your new patient telephone conversions, lower your appointment cancellations, and decrease your appointments that fail to attend. 

And just to quantify what this means in dollars and cents, let me share with you actual numbers I see in dental practices that are using this program. On average, we see:

Up to 79% new patient telephone conversions…  
A 39% average decrease in appointment cancellations…  
A 68% average decrease in patients that fail to attend their appointments…
And an average decrease in unanswered calls, from 32% to 7%

Again, these are real numbers and real results that I have personally observed, tracked and field-tested in over 415 different dental practices I’ve worked with, in my consulting business. 

These dental offices were located all over the world, and in all types of areas: big cities, quiet suburbs, and even rural areas. And these results are consistent, no matter where your practice might be located, and whether you have seasoned pros answering your phones… or newbies who have never answered the phone before. 

The skill set of your front office team currently answering your phones, has no impact on the results, once they start using this training program.

Simply because the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class tells them exactly how to answer the phones… gives them specific questions to ask new patients, and maybe even more importantly… it also lets them know the questions they should never ask. And the net result of this is a dramatic increase in these patients moving forward and booking appointments. 

In fact, I'm working with a large number of dentists who are so busy because of this… they literally don't know where to put their patients right now. Which, let’s face it - is a great problem to have. Especially nowadays when it’s hard to find positive things happening in this profession.

I developed this system over the 25 years I ran my husband’s dental practice, tweaking and testing it the entire time. First, with our own front office dental team, and then refining it even more, in my consulting business.

And just to be up front, I’ve worked with many other programs in the dental profession. And I can tell you from first-hand experience of using all of them… NOTHING increases your cash flow easier, more reliably, and faster… than the practical and common-sense strategies in this Dental Phone Excellence Master Class. 

And the good thing is, the ramp up in your business takes place quickly, as soon as your front office team makes even slight alterations in their word selection when speaking to patients. And since they’re already talking to patients anyway… there is literally ZERO extra work here. So…  

What is this Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class all about?
In a nutshell, the program trains your front office team on how to assess patients’ needs. It shows them the exact words and responses they need to ask and answer, specifically with new patients who call in to either book an appointment, or get information about your services. And the net result of this is basically a Guaranteed windfall of new appointments booked, and more cash-flow, for you. 

And let me tell you from my own personal experience, anyone answering your phones can be successful at doing this. This is because the program also explains WHY your team needs to use these specific words and ask these specific questions. It explains how your patient feels when they’re asked these questions… and why this leads them to booking appointments. 

And this is really important, because when people understand WHY they’re doing things, they are far more likely to use and implement information.

Now I want to talk with you for a minute about one of the statistics I just mentioned to you a few minutes ago. I mentioned we see an average decrease in unanswered calls from 32% to 7%. And that first number, 32% might surprise you. Because you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way my staff is missing 1 out of every 3 calls that comes in.”

But in my consulting business, one of the tools we invested in, is software that literally monitors every single call that comes into each dental practice. And all across the board, in all kinds of dental practices we’ve worked with… 32% is a very consistent average. 

You might not think it’s possible for that many calls to go unanswered, and you certainly don’t want to believe it’s possible - we didn’t want to, either, when we owned our own practice. But it’s true. 

The good news is, we’ve found several effective ways to reduce this number significantly - often by as much as 80%. And we share these with you in the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class.

I wanted to address this, specifically since that’s the number most dentists have a hard time believing… and understandably so. As I said, we went through this ourselves, so I know exactly how you feel when you find out that many calls are going unanswered.

This system is also unique and unlike any other program out there. And there are 3 reasons why:

1. The first is, I'm from inside the industry, and I used these exact same techniquest to make our practice a LOT of money
Unlike most consultants who’ve never worked in a dental practice, never spoken to, or provided any kind of service to patients… and never had any kind of hands on experience…  

I spent 25 years managing my husband’s dental practice. During this time, I developed, tested, and tweaked these processes over and over again, across literally tens of thousands of phone calls. And our results were so successful, they allowed us to sell the practice for $2.8 million dollars. 

In fact, when we sold our practice, our new patient telephone conversion rate was 77%. 

Numbers like this also allowed us to take 15 weeks of vacation every year. And obviously, this was another reason our practice was such an attractive one to buy.

Plus, I don’t need to tell you, this has a snowball effect: the more new patients you get, the more referrals you get. And you know as well as I do, referrals are the best patients to get, because they’ve already been pre-sold on you, and because you don’t have to spend any money in marketing costs to acquire them.

The other great thing about this entire process is... it doesn’t cost you any more money in marketing or anything else, to have a 77% new patient telephone conversion rate… than it does to have a 30% new patient conversion rate, or whatever your conversion rate is right now. 

Which means, every dollar you’re making above what you’re making now... is pure profit!

This is also the only way to increase your income and your cash-flow, without spending more money on marketing. 

2. Secondly, since 2015, I’ve been consulting with other dental practices who found out what I did in my own practice, and wanted to experience these same results 
We’ve since tweaked this system even more, and to date, I’ve consulted with over 415 dental practices - and the numerical results I mentioned a few minutes ago, represent the results of these clients…
3. Lastly, outside of the Master Class itself, there’s absolutely nothing extra you will need to start seeing results 
No new equipment, no extra marketing, no monthly fees or extra services… literally nothing. 


Again, because as we discussed, your front office is already talking to new patients. 

All they need to do is make a few changes in their word selection and in the questions they ask, and don’t ask… and that’s it. Results come pretty quickly, and we stand behind this and give you a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee with the program, so if you’re unhappy for any reason at all… you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.
Oh, and one more thing that makes this program different, is the material it covers. There is NO fluff in here, at all. This is about growing your practice, increasing your patient base, and making more money, period. I mean, let’s face it, increasing new patient conversions… and decreasing cancellations and fails to attend… are the biggest sources of lost dollars your dental practice is currently experiencing. 
Fix these problems and you've plugged the majority of the holes in your practice where you're leaking cash right now
And your front office team is going to enjoy this program, because:

- It’s easy to understand. I designed this so that even if you hire someone who’s never worked in a dental office, or never even answered the phones before… this program makes their job, and therefore their life… nice and simple. It takes them by the hand and shows them exactly what to do - and why they need to do it… in plain and simple English. It’s also a formula and program for them to hold themselves accountable to, which is something most dental offices don’t have in place…

- It’s easy to work through. It has to be - after all, since most team members have no basic training in sales and communication, you must have something easy, in order for every team member to retain and consistently use this information…

- It’s online. Which means you don’t have to send your team anywhere for training. No meetings, traveling, or registering for any courses. So, no extra costs. It’s convenient for your staff to go through, no matter where they are. Whether they’re in front of a computer, or their phone, or any other mobile device…

- And lastly, team members can go through the program at their own pace. In fact, you can work through the program modules in any order you want. I designed this Master Class so each module is independent. So if a member of your team is interested in working on, or brushing up on a particular dental patient interaction, they are free to dig in and use that enthusiasm to make both of you more successful. Regardless of which other sections of the program they have, or haven’t gone through…

Let me also emphasize, this is not a course. 

Courses are boring, and they’re not a lot of fun. This is more like a cookbook your team goes back to reference at their convenience, whenever they forget how much of a specific ingredient you need. It’s something your team members can work on alone… or with each other… or with the entire team, and even with the dentist

The entire purpose of this program is to make life LESS complicated and easier for your front office team
- For example, let’s talk about handling difficult patients, because we all have them. The truth is, a difficult patient, for the most part… is someone who’s just having a difficult time, at that particular moment 

They’re either not happy with their previous service or interaction, or with their previous dentist… or they’re personally just going through something difficult - which generally has nothing at all to do with their teeth. 

Most team members have no idea how to take control of phone calls from difficult patients, or how to relax these difficult patients and make them feel calm and stress-free. Which means the team member is also likely to be anxious and stressed out, as well.

But in reality, in a situation like this… you need to offer the patient solutions that remove them from this difficult situation. You need to diffuse their problem, and make them feel calm and relaxed while they're dealing with you. 

You’ll discover multiple ways of doing this, inside this program. In fact, this is one of the most popular modules of the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class.

- Another thing that causes your team stress, is getting someone to return the phone messages they leave. Well, we show you how to get your patients to return your messages, so your team isn’t stuck playing telephone tennis over the next couple of weeks, trying to get the patient to book, or re-book their appointment.
And Here’s Another Important Problem Solved:
- Your team will learn exactly how to handle abrupt phone calls like, “How much does it cost for a filling?” And most important... how to turn these calls into new patients and money in the bank...

For instance, when a caller asks, “How much does it cost for a filling?” most dental offices will just give out a price. And if you happen to be the lowest price, then great... you win.

But handling calls in this manner is short-sighted and transaction oriented. You’re not looking long-term when you respond like this. 

Simply because if a patient is basing their dental care on price... then as soon as someone else offers an even lower price (and it will happen, I assure you)... that patient will leave you, immediately, for the new lowest-priced dentist in town.

In the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class, you’ll find several ways of handling phone calls like this. Frankly, much better ways that are far more profitable than surrendering to lowest price-driven customers.

For instance, here’s one way you can respond, that allows for open discussion and conversation with this new patient. After they ask, “How much do you guys charge for veneers?” You simply say to them, “That’s a good question… what makes you think you need veneers?”

And this type of response
immediately does a few different things:
1. First, it validates the patient’s question. By letting them know it’s a good question, you make them feel important and you let them know you care about what they’re saying…

And frankly, is there any better way of starting off any relationship, than by making the other person feel important and by letting them know you care what they’re thinking or feeling?

No, there isn’t. This is THE best way you can start any relationship…

2. It immediately repositions YOU as the respected authority. After all, you’re the one qualified to determine exactly what they need - not them

And one of the reasons patients choose you as their dentist, is because they know you are the authority. And when you’re seen as a problem-solving authority figure, your value and what they are willing to pay you for that value… increases, immediately.

On the other hand, simply giving out a price actually cheapens your value, because it says all you’re offering is a commodity - take it or leave it. In that case, you’re no better than the next dentist down the line, because you haven’t given them any other reason to be your patient, other than you’re the lowest cost dentist in town…

3. Lastly, it engages the patient and lets them know there’s a lot more to dentistry than they think. And when you make someone think, you’re earning their respect, which opens them up to new ideas and new conversations...

This kind of response does all of these things, in a completely non-confrontational, non-threatening, and supportive manner. Something none of your competitors are likely to be able to do.

Things like this make your team’s lives much less stressful - all while making your practice much more successful. Which is a massive win-win for everyone in the dental practice, and for your patients.
And by the way, if you ask your team what percentage of patients call and ask about price, most will say “not many.” Well, grab the edges of your chair because you’re in for a shock. In my consulting practice, I mentioned how we’ve tracked and listened in on literally thousands of phone calls… and that number is actually 34%!

Yes, 34%.

Which probably doesn’t sit well with you, when you think of all the money you’ve been missing because your team isn’t handling one-third of your calls in the best possible manner. Meaning, one that’s designed to make your prospective patient book an appointment. Mind you, this doesn’t even include the money you wasted if the patient called you based on some marketing you did… or the loss of future referrals from these patients!

How Does the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class Work?
As far as how the program is set up, each video module is short and sweet, and easy to digest. This is NOT like studying for the SAT exam, or if you’re in Australia… for your HSC. I’ve made this fun, interactive, practical, and to the point. And frankly, this was fun for me to put together, as well. 

You can literally go through a section, and then practice what you learned, immediately. I’ll give you more specifics about the content, in just a minute… but each module also comes with practical support aids like checklists, templates and cheat sheets. Team members typically print these out and keep them handy, to use as an easy reference when they’re on a call. 

You see, because I managed front office teams for 25 years, I know exactly how your team members think and what they’re concerned about. I also understand the mistakes they’re afraid of making… and the tasks that make them feel insecure or unsure of themselves.

Also, each lesson covers ONE communication issue at a time. This way, concepts are very easy to grasp and easy to put into action. And of course, you can go back and review each lesson as many times as you want before moving on to the next one.

This program is also very timely, and here’s why: All dentists will, at some point… walk past their phones and cringe when they hear what their staff is saying to patients. You hear comments you'd never make, because these comments just don’t represent your practice the way you would like it to be. I know, because I’ve experienced this myself many times.

And unfortunately, in today's day and age, saying even ONE THING 
wrong often means the difference between you having a
financially and emotionally healthy practice… 

And having your practice completely destroyed on social media
So even if you don't want to make more money, investing in this program for this one reason alone allows you to benefit, simply by making sure you at least won’t LOSE what you've built. 

In other words, you need this program and you'll WANT this program as much for the inappropriate comments your team will stop making… as for the mutually beneficial things they’ll start saying, instead. 

This way, “cringing” becomes a thing of the past.

Look, and this is important… another issue I've found is that so many team members I'm dealing with, simply lack the confidence to do this job correctly. But once they know exactly what to say, how to say it, and why they’re saying it… they start believing they can do the job properly. 

Plus, success always leads to more success. It's like trying to lose weight. It's always difficult to stay motivated to do this, but once you actually start losing a few pounds and your pants are suddenly looser... your entire attitude is different and then dieting becomes much easier. 

And this same thing happens to your team once they start seeing positive results from what they learned in this program. Their confidence shoots through the roof, and you can hear this in their voices. Especially when a patient reacts the way you want them to react - because your team member said things your patient wanted to hear!

Remember, most team members work hard and they really want to do a good job. They want your office to do well and they want your practice to be successful. That’s why you hired them in the first place. 

And all they need to do is literally follow the step-by-step directions in the program… and they’re guaranteed to succeed, which means you’re guaranteed to start seeing more cash-flow coming into your practice.
"How did you get started in all this?"
This is a common question I get, so let me take a minute to tell you a short story how this all started:

When I first went to work in my husband’s practice, I had no phone skills, at all.

In fact, I didn’t really know what I was even going to do in the office, when I first started working there. I had absolutely no experience that was relevant to running, or even working in a dental practice, other than being married to a dentist.

So basically, I used to come into the office just to chit-chat with our patients, to try and get to know them better… and to let them know how much we appreciated their business.

Well, one day... both of our front office team members called in sick, and I had to answer the phones.

Little did I know it at the time, but this turned out to be one of those “life changing” moments I never would have expected, or seen coming. But I am certainly very grateful for it.

Now that first day on the phones was extremely challenging for me. I was thrown into the deep end of the pool, and... not knowing what to say, I just started “winging it” on the phones.

I desperately wanted to do a good job and prove my value. So call after call, day after day... I just kept experimenting, and saying different things in different situations. Testing this, and trying that - and keeping very detailed notes on what I was saying, as well as the results we were getting, every time I said one thing versus another.

I did this for close to 2 years, over literally thousands of calls. And slowly, but very surely… I began seeing significant improvements and consistent results. In fact, I knew I was on to something big for us. And here we are today, 30 years later and this has grown into something w-a-a-y beyond what I ever could have imagined.

Crazy how things work some times, isn’t it?

You bet!

Here are... Real-Life Results of Dental Phone Excellence Master Class:
In a minute I’m going to tell you some more about what’s inside this program, but first let me share some of the results other dental practices have experienced, using the strategies in this Dental Phone Excellence Master Class.
Dr. Rachel Hall increased her new patient call conversions from 43% to 86% in just 5 months... (Brisbane, Australia)
Ashfield Dental & Orthodontic Centre increased their new patient call conversions from 35% to 61%... in just 8 weeks... (Ashfield, Australia)
Future Dental’s new patient call conversions went from 52% to 75%... in just 12 weeks (Cairns, Australia), and...

Dr. Tim Cashion picked up an extra 25 new patients the first month he used Dental Phone Excellence... (Sugar Land, TX)

Now let’s stop and pause here for just a moment, and take a little “breather.” Because if you’re not really focusing, it’s easy to read through these statistics like you’re reading through the football scores on a Monday morning.

But I want you to consider what happened to Dr. Rachel Hall’s practice, in less time than it takes most people to lose 10 pounds.

She literally DOUBLED her business, going from 43% to 86% new patient call conversions. And she did this without spending even one extra penny on marketing… or anything else, for that matter.

So if you want to know whether or not getting in on this is a smart thing to do... just ask yourself…
“What would it mean to me, if I were able to double my new patient numbers during the next several months… without spending any more on marketing?”

I think you would agree, this will dramatically change your dental practice, and therefore your life, as well.

On top of increasing your new patient conversions, the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class also shows you how to prevent losses due to cancelled appointments, by preventing these cancellations in the first place. Which again… puts more money to your bottom line.

And here are a couple of examples of this:

Dr. Rachel Hall, who we mentioned earlier… she experienced a 31% decrease in patient cancellations. This means 31% less patients cancelled their appointments once the front desk started using the strategies in the Dental Phone Excellence Master Class.

Prior to this, these patients would have canceled their appointments and NOT rebooked them.   

Future Dental experienced a 50% reduction in cancellations in their first 4 weeks...

Can you imagine having 50% less cancellations? What would this mean to your net take-home cash flow? How much less stress would you and your team have, if you didn’t have to worry about re-booking all these patients?

On top of this, each one of these dental teams:

- Are now much more focused on making new appointments and stopping cancellations when answering the phones… 

They actually have a “mission,” or a “reason why” they’re answering the phones. They’re not just reacting… they actually have a specific and deliberate game plan, a reason to execute their game plan… and a playbook that shows them HOW to execute this plan.

Honestly, it’s no different from sports. Can you imagine a basketball team or a football team going into a game without a game plan? And instead, just “reacting” to what their opponents are doing?

There is no possible way of building up any kind of collective momentum - let alone winning, in this situation. 

And yet… most front office teams do exactly this same thing, every single morning. They come into the office and react to their environment, instead of taking control of it.

- They also know exactly what to say, and can now answer calls confidently…

And of course, again… the net result of each one of these things is greater net cash-flow for your practice... and more money in your pockets...

And lastly, Evolve Dental (Brisbane, Australia) experienced a 31% reduction in cancelled appointments, which obviously translates into a significant increase in revenue.

And in the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class, you’ll learn several strategies to prevent cancellations, making this a non-issue for your dental practice.

Here’s What’s Inside This Online Master Class:
At this point, I think you have a pretty good idea of the gist of this program. How it genuinely increases your cash-flow and changes the entire dynamic of your front office, on a consistent and permanent basis. Now let me share with you some of the other benefits you’ll get from the training videos inside this program. 

These are all simple, but incredibly effective strategies that allow you to increase new patient conversions… decrease cancellations, and decrease appointments that fail to attend, as well as decreasing unanswered calls:

- You’ll discover THE best phone greeting, which has been proven and field-tested across hundreds of dental offices, and why it’s so effective…

- 8 Simple Steps to the New Patient Call: This is a step-by-step checklist that walks team members through the entire new patient call. This checklist is so important, even after 25 years… I still kept it right in front of me, even through the very last day I worked in our dental practice… 

- How to make sure your patients arrive early for their appointments (And no, it’s not “Come in early and fill out your paperwork”) Along with the top 4 reasons why patients are late, and how to prevent this from happening…

Why you must never tell your patients they'll be receiving a call confirming their appointment a day or two before the actual appointment…

- How to prevent and reverse patient cancellations when they tell you “Something else has come up”… or because they believe it's too expensive… or because they're a new patient and they’re just nervous ... 

- How to prevent and handle cancellations, and the specific words you must NEVER use during this “cancellation call”…

- How to schedule new appointments quickly and easily. Less time on the phone means team members are much more productive…

- We already discussed how to handle patients who ask “How much does this cost,” but we’ll also discuss 3 reasons why patients are even asking you this question in the first place. This way, you can understand the best way to frame any of the responses we give you, as answers to this question…

- You'll also learn simple but highly effective ways of answering other “tricky” or “trap” questions like, “How much will I get back from my insurance?”... “What kinds of payment plans do you have...? And, “Do you have an appointment available today?” This is very important, because NOT knowing the right way to handle these 3 common questions... creates a large portion of your “failure to book” appointments….

- How to get your patients (especially difficult ones) to like and trust you…

- The right way... and the wrong way, to place patients on hold... 

- The very best place to take phone calls, even when you're incredibly busy…

- Specific phrases that cause patients to react negatively: you'll learn which phrases you must avoid, and what to say instead…

- The # 1 thing to keep in mind when you're speaking to a patient. Beyond anything else, this lets your patient know you care about them. And remember, people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care… 

- How to make a GREAT first impression on the phone. These are easy and fun techniques that improve the tone and pitch of your voice so your patient WANTS to talk with you and wants YOU to take care of their teeth. This is important because many times, a new patient will call 2 or 3 dentists in order to decide who they want to see. I assure you, the team member who makes the greatest first impression, will also be the one who books that appointment… 

- The one thing you MUST assume every time you pick up the phone. This determines what you say, how you say it, and why you do (and don’t) ask specific questions…

- Why you should NEVER ask a caller if they're a new patient, or if they're an existing patient... and what to say instead. Do this instead and it makes your patient feel like their phone call is the most important phone call you've received all day!...

- How to establish genuine rapport with your caller, as a person - not as a source of revenue for your dental practice. This makes them feel more important than you can ever imagine. I'll show you the simple “FORD” method of doing this, which typically encourages your patients to become long-term loyal paying clients - which is what we all want. This process is actually so much fun, and so effective at getting to know others… you actually wind up using this in your personal life, as well!

- How to know exactly when your caller is ready to set up an appointment. This is important to understand because if you try and make an appointment before the caller is ready... you'll come off as pushy and are not likely to set the appointment. On the other hand, if you wait too long… you come off as disinterested, with an equal outcome of not getting the appointment. It’s important your team understands this, before answering any inbound new patient calls…

- 3 common questions dental office team members most commonly ask patients, that absolutely NEVER work. This lets everyone avoid any frustration...

- How to handle it when a patient says, “Let me just get back to you when I have more free time to come in.” Instead, learn how to quickly and easily narrow down an appointment time right there and then, so you never have to play “appointment tennis” with a patient on the phone, ever again…

- The one thing your team must avoid doing, that nearly every dental office almost always does. Why? Because this mistakenly lets patients think they can cancel their appointment any time, and without any hassles…

- A simple question to ask patients after you book their appointment, which leads to loads of other appointments being booked. I’ve successfully booked thousands of appointments by asking this ONE simple question. In fact, this is so easy, and so profitable - both, in the short and long term… I have no idea why every office isn’t doing this…

Each module also comes with simple, step-by-step Action Worksheets for team members to print out and keep nearby… as reminders of what to do, say, and ask patients when you're on the phone with them. 

These Worksheets also include checklists and specific suggested phrases and words, so you don't have to “guess” at what works best. These are literally the exact same checklists I used in our own practice. They’ve been modified and updated based on the latest results I've tested across inbound calls of over 415 private consulting clients. 

We've done absolutely all the work for you - front office team members just need to follow the instructions in these action steps, literally 1-2-3...

These worksheets reinforce what you learned on the videos, and there are even fun “quizzes” which help you learn the material. 

Every aspect of patient telephone interaction is covered
in this Master Class. Frankly, it is impossible to fail,
which is why we give you a 90-day no questions
asked 100% money-back Guarantee on this program

I have a few more success stories I’d like to share with you:
 “Dental Phone Excellence keeps our practice growing. The most important thing is the first call phone manner. Thanks Jayne for teaching all my reception staff so well.”

Dr Derek Mahony- World renowned Orthodontist at Full Face Orthodontics, NSW
  “I’m so glad I finally made the decision to contact Jayne to help improve our phone answering skills. Jayne was great with my staff and really helped us turn phone calls into booked appointments. Jayne’s passion is contagious, and I feel very privileged to have had the pleasure of working with such a genuinely caring person. I highly recommend her services.”

Dr Anita Kouba, Ashfield, NSW
“My first experience with Jayne was through her Dental Phone Excellence live workshop a few years ago. This was during my capacity as practice manager in the dental industry.
I found her training sessions and follow up service to be of huge assistance and benefit to me as a practice manager and now as a business owner of a laser/skin clinic.

The telephone (in most cases) is the doorway to your business. Jayne with her training and knowledge has enabled me to maximize the use of this important instrument.

The coaching, training and level of professionalism Jayne provided, has enabled me and also my staff to turn incoming client phone calls into clinic appointments.

The Dental Phone Excellence training is adaptable and an important tool to ensure your patient receives a memorable experience.

With regular training and follow up with Jayne, the consistency and level of professionalism demonstrated by staff, will certainly lead to better client outcomes and interactions with the obvious flow-on benefit of a growing successful business.

I strongly recommend this course for all business owners where phone to client interaction is often the first point of contact.”

– Katherine Hack Owner of Laser Clinics Australia, Launceston Tasmania

One More Dental Nightmare You
Need to be Be VERY Aware Of:
There’s one more statistic I want to share with you. And if you thought some of the other numbers were hard to believe, then this one will really blow your mind:

You will be shocked to know that… 38% of all phone calls coming into your dental practice go completely unanswered!

And do you want to take a guess at the #1 reason why they don’t pick up the phone?

Any idea…?

Well, the #1 reason why staff members don’t pick up the phone, is because they don’t know HOW to answer the phone… they aren’t confident about what to say… and they have no clue how to properly respond to patient questions. 

So basically, they avoid the phone because for them, answering the phone is incredibly stressful.

Don’t be upset - it’s not because these are lazy employees. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s because they WANT to do a great job but they’ve never had any kind of comprehensive phone training that gives them the confidence to actually pick up the phone and handle themselves responsibly, and in the manner you’d want them to.

And yes, this is 100% accurate and true. It’s one of the things that goes on “up front,” that the dentist never finds out about. 

Who Is This For?
If you’re still wondering if the Dental Phone Excellence Master Class is for you, here are the characteristics of those dental offices who typically experience the biggest improvements and the most incremental financial benefits. 

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement with more than one or two of these descriptions, then this program is Guaranteed to change and improve your entire practice: 

- Your front office isn’t converting enough new patient calls into appointments. Even if you don’t know the exact numbers, you can just “sense” something’s off here... and you just know your new patient numbers are lower than they should be…

- You want to be your team’s friend, but you know you need to be their boss, instead. And you struggle separating these two...

- You don’t have the time to train your front desk people, or to even answer their questions. And frankly, even if you did have the time to train them, you’re probably not an expert in this and really have no idea what to train them on...

- You’ve walked past the front desk and heard something one of your team members said on the telephone to a patient, that made you cringe... or that just seemed “off.” And as much as you didn’t want to think about it, you have a terrible feeling this is probably indicative of a much greater, more frequent… and far more serious problem than you either have the time to deal with, or frankly, the solutions for...

- There’s not enough consistency in your front desk’s new patient phone conversions. One week is good, the next week… not so good…

- You occasionally find yourself thinking, “Why do I have so many blank appointments in my book?”...

- You’ve noticed an increase in the number of cancelled appointments you’re seeing. And you don’t know why, or how to stop it...

- You’re worried that if you do train your team properly, they’ll reject the training and just up and leave. Or, you’re scared they won’t “like you” if you get them new training. Don’t worry - because if they don’t like being trained in how to do their job properly, and how to make you more money... then they most definitely shouldn’t be there in the first place. After all, wouldn’t you rather have someone there who’s qualified and committed to working on your team?

Remember, the slight, short term delay of training someone new - and having them trained the right way, using the Dental Phone Excellence Master Class... is far less painful than the forever pain of ongoing and ever-increasing lost revenue. The truth is, most dentists who replace difficult team members with people who are eager to learn, experience a tremendous financial boost to their bottom line...

- Your team members all answer the phone differently. There’s no consistency and continuity in a situation that must be uniform, in order to perform the way you want it to. And, in order to drive the consistent and predictable cash-flows you want, as well… 

Remember the sports analogy - NO team in the history of sports ever won a game because all the individual players decided to do things “their own way,” separate and apart from each other. 

And your dental practice is no different. A unified team, all working towards the same goals, using the same strategies… is positioned for success. Randomly “reacting,” or “doing whatever,” will never drive the success you or your office deserves…

- You’ve heard one or more of your staff speaking to your patients either rudely, or in ways that make you uncomfortable. And you’re either hesitant or unsure how to bring it up to them, or how to discuss it...

- You don’t know why some patients say yes and others say no. But in a systematized, profitable practice, your team should know exactly why patients are saying yes, and why they aren’t. And the truth is, until you understand and correct what’s missing, you’ll never be able to increase your new patient call conversions… or decrease cancellations, fails to appear, and unanswered calls…

The bottom line is, the phones in your office are money-making assets,
the same way a rental property is a money-making asset. And the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class shows you unique, little-known,
simple and common-sense ways of leveraging this
money-making asset, for Maximum Dental Practice Profits
Look, before I tell you how you can start increasing the cash-flow of your practice, by getting your team started on this Master Class, right now… I want you to know something that’s important. 

I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes, many times. I’ve worked with literally dozens of coaches throughout my career, and I know the biggest fear people have about investing in coaching or in programs like this… is that once you’ve invested in the product, you become insignificant. And I know what that feels like because it has happened to me. 

But I want you to know my team and I value every single client that works with us. And that’s why I have initial start-up meetings. I want to get you going with this Master Class, and I want this program to start having a significant and positive impact on your business and on your cash-flow, right away. 

And the good thing is… even if you only implement half, or even a 1 or 2 of the modules in this program, this impact on your profits is going to be felt, and it’s going to be substantial. And frankly, if you’re not happy with the program, for any reason at all… we give you an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about and literally nothing to risk in ordering this program.

First let me tell you that we put this Master Class together for one reason, and that is… I simply cannot meet the existing demand that exists for me to come and work with individual practices, in person. 

So the next best alternative was to take what I’m teaching in my in-person coaching program, and make it accessible to those dentists and their teams who want the benefits of this program, but who can’t work with me, one on one.

I also wanted to provide you with as much ongoing support and resources beyond the program itself, so we’ve put a bunch of bonuses together to support your success. First, let me tell you about those bonuses, right now.

When you click on the link below and order today, in addition to lifetime access to the Dental Phone Excellence Master Class, you’ll get each one of these bonuses, 100% Free. 

Bonus #1: You and your team will also get a membership in our Dental Phone Excellence Insiders Private facebook group
This group gives you the opportunity to connect with loads of other dentists and team practice members from all over the world. Each one of them are trying to do the same things you’re doing, in their practice. 

And as you know, interacting with like-minded people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal, is one of the best ways of getting things done, achieving your goals, and becoming successful. 

Another huge benefit of this is, many of your team members will share a similar sense of fear or hesitation with others in the group. So this becomes a real support group for all your front office team members. And frankly, dentists can’t offer this kind of support because they’re not responsible for doing the same things as their team members are. Remember, it’s much easier to relate to people who have walked in your same shoes… and that’s what this group facilitates.

The other thing that’s great about this facebook group is, as your team begins seeing other people succeed at this, it’s going to motivate them to succeed. Some will be motivated by competition… and others by gaining confidence. But either way, this is a win-win proposition.

Bonus #2: 4 Months of Free Platinum Coaching Calls 
You’ll also get, inside your Dental Phone Excellence online Master Class Portal… access to 4 months of coaching calls from the Platinum Coaching program that my husband David Moffet and I run together. Membership in this Platinum Group is $3,000 a month, but you’ll get all 4 of these calls 100% free as part of your membership in this group. 

Once you order, you’ll receive an email explaining exactly how to access these calls within your program. 

Topics covered on these calls include:

- Why Create an Ultimate Patient Experience in Your Dental Practice? Showing you, in detail, the benefits of creating a practice focused on the kind of customer service your patients have never even imagined possible. And, doing this using very simple and low-cost strategies on your part…

- How to Start the Ultimate Patient Experience In Your Dental Practice: Which uniquely separates your practice from every other dental practice in your area…

- The Ultimate Patient Experience Framework: The Ten Commandments - How to set up the Ultimate Patient Experience using the 10 golden rules of world class customer service. And…

- Ultimate Patient Experience Building Block #2: The Ultimate Arrival - Learn how to avoid making very common mistakes that are typically killing your patients first visit, before you even get a chance to meet them

Bonus #3: “50 Fast & Easy Strategies to Improve Cash-Flow in Your Dental Practice”
This is a list of the top 100 Strategies I’ve used to help my clients grow their dental practice and improve their cash flow. These are practical strategies any practice can use, and they’ve proven to be very effective for those dental practices who implement them. 

These strategies are easy to apply and you don’t need any kind of experience in marketing or anything else, to make them work. 

And of course you get an all-access LIFETIME pass to the Dental Phone Excellence online Master Class. The program contains 42 detailed and step-by-step videos, with everything broken down in plain and simple English. These videos are short, effective, and to the point, not hour-long drawn-out movies with lots of fluff in them and little substance. 

You also get summary pdf’s with each module, along with action sheets which contain checklists for how to do each task. Again… all step-by-step. 

And let me tell you, I’m definitely NOT one to say that just because I’ve done something, it’s great… but I will tell you this Master Class is VERY thorough

Your Investment:
Again, I used these same strategies I’m giving you, to grow our practice to the point where it was sold for $2.8 million dollars. And I can look you straight in the eye and tell you it would be near-impossible for someone to come up with strategies that work more effectively or that have been tested more, than the ones in this program.

In fact, the material in this Master Class is the exact same material I teach one-on-one, in my in-person coaching program. The only difference is, we also track and listen to your calls with in-person coaching. But the material is exactly the same. 

The cost to work with me in person, is $3,000 a month and it's a 15 month commitment. 

But don’t worry, you’re not going to have to have to make a $45,000 investment to get this Master Class. In fact, this Master Class is an incredible value at less than even ONE month of coaching. 

I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, for as many practices as possible, so I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse:

You get immediate Lifetime Access to this program, along with the 3 bonuses… for only 3 instalments of $467 a month… or if you want to make one payment up front, you can save over $100 - in which case it’s only $1297.

As I mentioned, we just started rolling this program out. So if you’re even mildly interested, now is the time to order, especially with all the bonuses, and the 90-day Guarantee.

Again, if you’re not happy, for any reason at all… you get an unconditional 100% money-back 90 day Guarantee on the program. Just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. 

In fact, even if you’re unhappy you can keep the information bonuses, because I want you to do well, whether you’re working with this program or not. Just click on the link below

And here’s what should really make your 
decision to order, very simple: the math on this
So let me break it down for you. The average new patient value for a dental practice is anywhere from $500 to $2500 or more. Which means, all you need to do is pick up ONE or TWO new patients… and your entire investment is paid for, and then some. 

And frankly, most teams will be able to go through one module alone and pick up more patients than this, in just the first month!

On top of this, the bonuses themselves are worth just as much, if not more than the actual program, so this is an incredible deal for everyone.

And just to clarify, this is the ONLY investment 
you need to make, to succeed with this program

This is a one-time thing and this program is something you get to keep and use, every single day, for you and for your staff… forever

And these strategies won’t change because they’re not dependent on technology, the economy, or even a pandemic. These strategies have been proven and field-tested over the last 30 years, and will work perfectly over the next 30 years, because you’re dealing with people. And dental patient behavior simply doesn’t change - you know this already. 

You can also work at your own pace, so there’s no pressure at all, to do this in any time frame. So…

Thanks for your interest in the Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class. The truth is, if you use just ONE thing from this program, you’ll multiply your investment in it, many times over.

And if you’re still sitting on the edge of the fence, and you’re unsure about this… appreciate that the results your team can (or can’t) achieve on the phones determines the success of your practice… where you get to go on vacation... what kind of car you drive... and whether you get to retire when you want, or whether you’ll be tethered to your drill, forever. 

And this simply isn’t a skill set you can help them with, because you’ve never had the training or field work to do it. Let alone 30 years of experience across probably 50,000 phone calls, or more.

In fact, if you’re like most of my clients and students, you will go far beyond your wildest expectations.

More REAL Results From Actual Dental Practices:
“There are many consultants out there touting their opinions on how you should handle your new patient phone calls to get more of them converted into. That’s why I love Jayne Bandy because she is one of the few in the world who understand that initial training is good but what’s even better is having solid data from your own office to identify what your offices exact challenges are

She works tirelessly to help you create solutions for these issues. Plus, she is a big believer in getting the data you need from those telephone calls to make sure the training actually works for your office’s needs. She’s a diamond in a haystack and I recommend her to all of those who get it.”

Dr. Chris Phelps, Charlotte NC, USA

“Jayne is one of the most approachable people in the dental education industry. She has a wealth of knowledge, common sense and excellent communication skills. She eliminates the rubbish and gets straight to the core of excellent phone skills. This not only enhances the skills set within the practice, increasing morale, but endorses the growth and high-end production and customer service of our practice. Thanks Jayne!”

Dr Kristina Cain, Brisbane QLD

“Jayne gave me the confidence and guidance I needed. The training was easy to apply and hugely effective, Jayne’s empowering mentality was infectious. After each training session I gained enthusiasm and a better understanding of core knowledge required to create outstanding phone skills, transferring those new patient calls into appointments. It has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to a refresher in the future!”

Amy (Practice Coordinator), Brisbane QLD

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